Black Cardboard Window Hanging Display Packaging Boxes – Latest Design

This product is a modern black box window hanging display packaging box made of cardboard. It is perfect for displaying products in a stylish way.

Hanging Display Packaging Box Cardboard Paper Box Supplier

Hanging display packaging box is an innovative and effective way to market and package products. They are designed to showcase your products in an attractive and visible way on store shelves, making them more likely to catch the attention of potential customers. These display boxes provide a more effective way to display products than traditional retail packaging options.

The Hanging display packaging box is a versatile packaging type that is suitable for various types of products. They often have a clear plastic window, allowing customers to see the product inside without opening the package. This type of box is often designed to hang directly on peg hooks, making it both easy to display and highly visible to customers walking by. It is an effective way to optimize shelf space while promoting your products.

One benefit of this packaging type is the ease of use. Retailers can easily hang the boxes on hooks, maximizing shelf space and making it easier for customers to spot the product. Because these boxes don’t need to fit on shelves, they can be customized with unusual shapes, sizes, and colors. The unique design can be enough to attract potential customers to the product.

The hanging display packaging boxes are a cost-effective way to package products. They are made with lightweight materials, and their design is simple, keeping their manufacturing and shipping costs low. They provide retailers with a simple way to show off their products and maximize the presentation of their products to customers.

Moreover, hanging display packaging boxes are environmentally friendly. They are made with materials that can be recycled, so they are perfect for businesses that prioritize sustainability. They’re also easily customizable, giving brand owners the opportunity to create personalized designs that reflect their brand and attract more customers.

In conclusion, hanging display packaging boxes are an ideal solution for effectively marketing and packaging products. Due to their versatility, ease of use, affordable cost, and customizability, they are the preferred packaging option for many retailers. They are environmentally friendly, making it a perfect solution for businesses that prioritize sustainability. The hanging display packaging box is an exceptional way to boost sales while only requiring a modest budget.


Paper Type

Coated Paper


By sea ,air or express

Place of Origin


Artwork File



gift packaging





Custom Order



gift packaging box

Product Certification

GMI, G7,, ISO9001, ISO14001



Shape and size


Model Number






Brand Name



gift packaging box

Industrial Use

gift packaging


Newest black box window hanging display packaging boxes cardboard

Sample time

3-5 Working Days

Printing Handling

Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, Stamping, UV Coating, Varnishing

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